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I’m a gamer girlfriend. Yes, I am in love with a video game-loving, comic book-collecting, heavy metal-obsessed, car-minded guy. We’ve been together for nearly 3 years now, though it seems like much longer (in a GOOD way). I’ve always kept an interest in his interests and try to educate myself even the teeniest bit. I sometimes go on kotaku, I thoroughly enjoy The Angry Video Game Nerd, and I simply watch him play and we get pretty into ripping apart crappy games *cough*Fuel*cough* and praising the really good ones, like Super Mario Galaxy, one of my personal faves, and I was absolutely excited that he was able to go to E3 this year. I would have loved to have gone myself and be neck-deep in geekery in gorgeous weather (despite the shitty traffic), but, alas, could not drop the dosh.

Thing is, every now and again (seems like every 6 months) I feel like video games are his mistress and I feel almost, dare I say, neglected. It kind of hurts me when he says that video games are how he unwinds after a tough day at the office, but he does it every night, like I can’t help him unwind. Then by the time he’s done unwinding, he has to go to sleep to get a decent 7 hours of sleep before work. It just sometimes makes me feel crappy, even though I respect his interest. He does know this, as I’ve told him, but I can’t change who he is and I don’t really want to. It’s not like we never spend time together. Most of the time when he does play video games, I’m either surfing mindlessly on the internet killing time, or I’m watching him and we bond that way. But, you know, I’m a chick; sometimes I just want no distractions and a nice, warm fuzzy snuggling with his scruff scratching up my face, and for that there simply are no substitutes.

I’ve never wanted to change him. I want him to keep playing video games. Yeah, I sometimes get frustrated and feel like the “other woman”, but this is who he is and I love him regardless. Yet I want to feel closer to him. So I’ve resolved to playing video games. After all, I haven’t got a job in the world (thanks Recession!), what else can I do to kill the time? I’ve probably already viewed every single web page out there twice and I’m just intimidated by unpacking our stuff into our new apartment (kinda can’t since we have a leaky moldy sink in the kitchen and a possible infestation in the bottom cabinets…) And, well, since it’s used as a therapeutical distraction, I could use some of that myself. Why not? I’ve tried everything else.

So, since I can’t afford to buy my guy anything for his birthday (TODAY!!), and because I want to be closer to him, this is what I’m thinking: I will dedicate every week to one video game. As I am NOT a gamer (but wouldn’t be surprised if I become one… I did grow up on video games, it just never stuck beyond high school, really) but am a gf of one, I will also do stuff on cheap, easy recipes and experimenting with that (and asking for suggestions. …Wait… I might regret that. Bah. You only live once), maybe seeing a shitty movie or two that the bf likes since I’ve forced him to watch such gems as “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “Terms of Endearment”. –Hey. Don’t knock ’em.

And just for fun, I’ll refer to the gamerbf as Mario, and I’ll be Peach. What the hell. Why not. I’m of the femme-variety. I’m allowed to be kyoot.




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