Honey, guess what I bou–OW!! Why are you hurting me??

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So, Mario gathered up a bunch of games and decided to do a trade-in to get something. He just wouldn’t tell me what it was. He was being all coy and playfully secretive about it (trying to play into my obsessive love for all things leading to the living god and my other boyfriend Alton Brown) by saying he intended to get something multifunctional instead of unifunctional. I’m all for practicality and multiple usages. This somewhat comforted me — somewhat — but since we’re still dealing with the gamerbf here, I still had heavy reservations that weighed upon me until he returned.

And then he dropped this gargantuan beast onto the bed when he came back, complete with a huge shit-eating grin.

The poor bed. I stared daggars at Mario because our Mushroom Kingdom is not that plentiful. At all. (plz be to hire me!) Mario started explaining himself, but it was all in gamerspeak, so it was just blah-blah-blah. Daggars. Still staring. My hand lunged towards him and he cowered in fear. I merely wanted the receipt. With all his discounts, he ended up paying around 50 bucks. I know to gamers that’s not all that much in terms of such goods, especially periphirals, but daaaaaamn. 50 bucks is approximately one utility in one month, or 1-1/2 tanks of gas. I seriously asked him how he pulled the money out of his ass and if it was because he had a secret second butthole, and if the later, why didn’t he tell me before?

The funny thing is, Mario made fun of people getting this device of the devil. Now he has one. Granted, the major difference is he didn’t drop 150 clams before tax and got what was essentially a 60% discount. But still, Jesus Krispies. I can name a lot of things I can get for 50 bills. Like… 50 items from the dollar store (not counting tax of course).

But Mario’s sitting in front of the tv, playing his Street Fighter IV and having a ball (and kicking major ass thanks to the new, still pricey, but awesome peripheral!). I’m glad he’s happy. He’s had a rough couple of weeks at work. That and he’s going to make us some mac ‘n’ cheese with peas and turkey dogs tonight. Mmmm…



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