Ok, NOW We gamergfs Can Wield Power Over Video Games…

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s been a parental control on the 360, but how the frick was I supposed to know?? You think Mario would tell me? Psh!

But now there’s something else… Invented by a grandparent, no less.

I find it amusing that the headline and the entirety of the article refer to children playing too much being not so kosher. And only the precious snowflakes.

Naturally, I hear about it just 4 days after making a pledge to become a pseudo-gamer to better understand my gamerbf. Now this shit’s just teasing me.

On the plus side, it’s only 30 bucks; half as much as a brand new game, fresh from the pressers. Yeah, you know you all loooove that new-game smell. They should make it into one of those tree deoderizers for your car. That stuff would make me gag, though. I hate new smells: new game, new car, new baby… All those things need to be either used many times, or cleaned before I’m no longer feeling barfy. Hey, babies can fit into washers with your other delicates, then they can drip-dry to be economical and eco-friendly.

But Mario has mentioned this before; whenever we have little ankle-bitters of our own running around, he will play games WITH them and EXPLAIN to them that it’s all fantasy (like with more violent video games. Even I curse that Thompson guy! Turd sandwich, or douchenozzle?) and we will set boundaries.

Of course, we still have yet to test that brilliant plan, so we’ll see what actually happens…

But a major con to this is I think the 30 dollars is too high a price to pay to simply put your foot down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Easy for me to say since I’m childless, but I’ve got a gamerbf so suck on that, toots!

Does this technology come in MMO-size? I know Mario’s dying to get back into WoW. Oh my.



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