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I went through my past with video games, and I’m actually astonished with how much more extensive it is than I thought it would be. I’ve got a gamer in me yet!

I grew up on old school NES. My first game was the Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt combo. Of course, I always pressed the gun against the screen and played. ‘Twas my strategy. I also played Punch-Out. I could only beat Glass Joe, but I still thought it was kick ass. I had a whole stack of other games as well, but I don’t really remember them. I mean, I was in elementary school. I hardly remember a damn thing about that time other than some kid throwing a friggin’ worm in my hair and me screaming at the top of my lungs (and getting in trouble for doing so, wtf?). I also was excited to play MC Kids. Then I played it. It was awesome at first, then it sucked. Funny how it suddenly turned. Anyway.

I played a lot of DOS games that my Dad bootlegged on our trusty Tandy 3000 computer that Dad brought home from work since they were going to junk it, as it was 10 years old by then. I had Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Monopoly, choose your own adventure (where there’s no pictures, just all written, and you have to give your answers as DOS-commands), Level 42, Red Baron, Centipede, and a shitload of others (another whole stack, most I didn’t even play). I also played a really neat game where you played as a cool squirrel and you went through Greek ruins to get to pizza. Sounds crazy, but I loved the game. What the hell is it called? A baker’s dozen of tasty internet cookies to whomever can tell me what the heck it is. Now it’s bugging me.

Then we traded in the NES and its games to get a Sega Genesis. Kickass. I had the first 3 Sonic games and played the hell out of them. I mostly liked the 1st and 3rd ones. The 2nd one was alright. I also had Back to the Future III and played it obsessively, even though I never, EVER beat it (WTF?? PIES?? I couldn’t beat the frigging PIES?? I could hardly get past the FIRST level. Damn horses. The controls were screwy!). Such a tough game. I loved the music. We had a bunch of other games, but, again, I forget.

I was a McDonald’s kid. Whenever we wanted to celebrate, the ‘rents let my brother and I decide where to go. We always wanted the golden arches, much to our parents’ aching wallets’ relief. So, yeah, Playland was awesome. The arcade games were where it was at: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and even Pacman (I think it was Mrs… It’s been so long). I demanded for more quarters while nibbling on my mcnuggets in their tasty bbq sauce. …Mmmmm… I should swing in to McD’s and swipe some. You ever notice how THEIR Heinz ketchup is 1000x better than the REAL Heinz ketchup?

Wait, this isn’t a Food Resume… It should be, but it is not.

I had a very good friend in middle school who had a SNES (man, I was impressed!), and we played Mortal Kombat all the freaking time. I once dressed up as Mileena for Halloween, using a purple turtleneck and some plastic sais. We also played the first Power Rangers video game and always beat the shit out of it. It was corny, but a decent game. It gave you enough entertainment and challenges to satisfy.

Then we traded all that in and got a PS2. As awesome as PS2 is (and still remains nearly a decade later), I regret getting rid of my Sega …and NES as well, but mostly the Sega. Anyway, I got through high school playing Crash Bandicoot 2 and Spyro. We didn’t have very many games on the PS2 since my brother and I didn’t play very often.

Then I went to college. Played no video games until towards the end of my second year. That’s when I was introduced to the Xbox and Halo. I would watch my friend play it until all hours at night. As soon as I would start playing, I’d be shot dead within 5 seconds. I su-diddley-ucked, but it was still fun. This friend and I drifted apart by our final year.

Sometime after college, I was bored and heard about Sims 2. I bought it and was never heard from again.

…Only not really. 6 months after graduating, I met the gamerbf. He has an Xbox 360 (now on his 3rd! Yeesh. At least it’s all been covered), then eventually got a PS2 for dirt cheap mostly as a dvd player, and then for Christmas a couple of years ago, I bought him a Wii. He really wants a PS3 (mostly as a more affordable blu-ray player since there are hardly any games to justify dropping a wad of dough on the console yet), but we’re pretty broke and I would kick him in the junk if he ever went ‘Honey, look what I bought!’ I think he mostly wants it for the sake of having it. Frankly, I think it’d be a waste of hundreds of dollars right now. The PS2 was awesome as it was. All they needed to do was improve the graphics and have the ability to go online and co-op, a la 360 …but that’s a different rant. Meh.

There you have it. I’m a semi-gamer. I feel different now. I still reserve the right to make fun of you for being a gamer though, Mario, so you’re not getting off that easy.

Oh, and I played some Atari, too. I think it as some sort of helicopter game, but I was hardly more than a wee baby then.



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